About us

Because they share the same taste for travel, vintage and ethnic clothing, long time friends Beatrice and Geraldine, natives of south of France, opened their boutique in 2000 at French Riviera.

They began by selling clothes, jewelries, bags and accessories discovered at bazaars and craft markets during their many trips to Asia and especially in India, country they fell in love with.

It was an immediate success, their clients were delighted to discover and wear unique and original pieces of clothes and clothing accessories.

To widen their client base, Beatrice et Geraldine decided in 2005 to create their own line of fashion styles and accessories, inspired by their travels around the world. Since then, they are working with Indian artisans who practice the art of embroidery and traditional handmade printing.

The favorite used materials are cotton voile, crochet, lace and silk, for enhanced comfort and elegance. Blue collections are made in small quantities for a feminine and bohemian clientele. Over the years, Beatrice and Geraldine developed their own unique style. They do not follow the passing fashion trends.

Their dresses and tunics are distributed now in other stores in France, south of Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, the Arab Emirates, St Barthelemy, the United States and Canada.